Apr 13 Fri..Boondocks in Springfield, IL! We're returning to a room finally dedicated to live music in Springfield. Yes it's true, Diamond Dave will swallow a sword on stage, and Lynn Di. Lauper will fly! Joe Bon Joey welcomes you to his personal pants party! Huge Huge room, best live music venue in Springfield!  
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Apr 21 Sat..St. Louis School Dinner Auction in Nokomis, IL.
Dust off your cassettes. Tease up your hair. It's PARTY time!!! Come join us for a night full of games, food, drinks, and music with THE BRAT PACK. The Flashback Bash will be held at St. Louis Parish Center on Saturday, April 21. Doors open at 5:30pm, dinner at 6:00pm and music from 8:00-11:00pm. Ticket price is $120 and admits 2 people (includes dinner, drinks, and entertainment). $10,000 IN CASH PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN AWAY!! FOR TICKETS CALL!
Megan Bertolino 217-823-2522, or Megan Mehochko 217-494-9957 or Sheila Keller 217-556-6151 or Melissa Engelman 217-823-1311.
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Apr 28 Sat ..Du Bois KC Hall in Du Bois, IL. Yet another new room for Brendan Goes to Hollywood to out-drink the costumers. The shark might be on leave, but TRex and the gang will be representing, along with boring old Madonna and Prince! See you there fools!
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May 5 Sat... Private Party in Effingham, IL. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, it's simple, the sun will explode, wedding ruined.

May 11 Fri...Old King Coal Festival in West Frankfurt, IL! This is not to be confused with the old nat king coal festival. These folks have been throwing this bash since the 80's. It could be your first chance to choke on a corn dog and your first lemon shake-up of the year. So get there early, get plastered, bring out the kids, let them drive home, and party with band!
8:30 pm
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May 12 Sat...T&T Tavern in Rantoul, IL. Jimmy and Carry aren't screwing around. This is your chance to party with The Brat Pack inside! The beer garden should be in full bloom. Rantoul has been itching for a blow out, and we know just what to do. Let's party like it's TODAY!!! Try the pudding shots and the pizza!
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May 19 Sat...Private Party in Shelbyville, IL. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, it's simple, Joe Bon Joey will defriend you. What a shame.

May 25 Fri...The Blue Grouch in Springfield, IL! Yet another brand new room for The Brat Pack. Everybody wants to be outside when the weather warms up, and we're happy to have finally found an outdoor venue in Springfield. Oscar tells us this is the place to be Memorial day weekend! You can drink here all weekend long!
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May 19 Sat...Private Party in New Berlin, IL. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, it's simple, blocks will disappear, and therefor, so will block parties.


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