Jul 31 Fri ...American Legion in Steeleville, IL! Join The Brat Pack for an outdoor parking lot party to benefit Local Disabled Vets. The Brat Pack is proud and honored to be a part of such a great event. Plenty of liquor to be had, come out and support a great cause Southern Illinois 8:00pm site / MAP

Aug 1 Sat ...Private Party in Champaign, IL. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, the earthquake will swallow your entire block. Uhm, that means no Block Party!

Aug 7 Fat City in Champaign, IL. We're excited to be playing in the new City Center. The City Center is virtually connected to Fat City, a huge new space, with a balcony, VIP seating, an in house PA and lighting, truly an epic concert venue. Doors can be opened up to give the venue an outdoor feel, but it's got flawless Air Conditioning too. If you haven't been yet, you need to go, there's really no other room like it within 100 miles. 9:30 pm site / MAP!

Aug 8 Sat..Timber Lanes in Maquoketa, IA. Timber Lanes is celebrating it's 25th anniversary all day and pulling out all the stops! Here's what they have in store for you: Co-Ed Sand Volleyball, Bags Tournament, Life Size Beer Pong, Plinko, and a Slip & Slide! Food provided by Jeronimo's, and all the drinks you can possibly stomach. Dwyer and Michales from 97x will be spinning from 11am-5pm. Sign up for Activities or purchase your tickets in advance by calling 563.652.5882, or stopping in at Timber Lanes. Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door. Playing till 12am, see you there! 8:00 pm site / MAP!

Aug 13 Thr...Illinois State Fair in Springfield, IL! The Coors Light Tent. The Brat Pack is excited to be back at The State Fair. Not only are we going to play the entire show with some clothing, we're also going to drink 6 Kegs of Coors, on stage, on the shoulders of Alex in Chains. Expect everything from explosions to lap dances, to outright blasphemy. Not all of that is completely true....8:00pm site /MAP

Aug 14 Fri..Tug Fest in LeClaire, IA. It's the 2015 29th Annual Tug Fest, LeClaire vs. Port Byron! What's more awesome than a tug of war across the mighty Mississippi River, culminating in fireworks and The Brat Pack! This years proceeds benefit King Harvest Pet Rescue! You can eat, you can drink, you can party all night! Visit Tugfest on Facebook and join the fun, and meet us at the Levee for the after party! 7:30 pm site / MAP!

Aug 15 Sat..Waynesville Fall Fling in Waynesville, IL. The City of Waynesville wanted to put on a party and we want to accommodate them. Details soon, should be a blast! 7:30 pm site / MAP!

Aug 21 Fri...Block Party in Lexington,KY. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, Kentucky will form their own country, and music will no longer be tolerated. Foolish.

Aug 22 Sat..The Elks Club in Mt. Vernon, IL. We've been waiting for a place to crash in Mt. Vernon and finally one has opened it's doors to us. The event is open to Elks Members and their guests. That means you need to get on an Elk now and work your magic!! 6 months ago this placed was wall to wall packed. We're bringing our A-Team game!! 9:00 pm site / MAP!

Aug 28 Fri ...DuQuoin State Fair in DuQuoin IL. Yes it took a long long time, but finally, we're headed to the DuQuoin State Fair. Bring the whole family, drink, eat, dance and stare blankly at the band. Party like it's 1999!!! 9:30 pm site / MAP

Aug 29 Sat..Sherman Homecoming in Sherman, IL. Sherman Homecoming is back again. The Festival runs three days, starting Friday at 5pm,. You'll find games, rides, food, The Brat Pack and more. Alex in Chains has promised to the world and the band, she will in fact, fly. Don't miss it!! 6:30 pm site / MAP

Sep 4 Fri...The Blue Grouch in Springfield, IL! We loved it so much the first time, we're coming back. Everybody wants to be outside when the weather warms up, and we're happy to have finally found an outdoor venue in Springfield. Oscar told us this is the place to be, and it was! You can drink, you've got Saturday off!  7:30pm site / MAP

Sep 5 Sat...Edinburg Labor Day Picnic in Edinburg, IL. Edinburg said we're throwing a massive party all weekend, and we said like duh, we'll be there. Food, Drink, misbehaving, dancing, more drinking and massive amounts or grinding and twerking. What more could they ask for, Joe "Joe Burton" Burton has a brand new sexy dance he'll be performing in women's lingerie! 8:30pm site/ MAP

Sep 6 Sun...St. Mary's Margaritaville in Westville, IL. Come join us for music, food, drinks and fun! Listen, Father Sauppe says it's OK to drink on Labor Day weekend, so we thought this couldn't be a more fitting venue to play a show! The timing was just right. Alex in Chains will officially convert to margaritas for the day. Now that's commitment! 7:00pm site/ MAP

Sep 11 Fri...The Little Black Dress Party in Marion, IL! Women celebrating women, while helping women in need! Please join us at The SIU Arena, for an annual event that helps fund services for women, children and men who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault in Southern Illinois. Your tickets include an LBD gift bag, Appetizer Buffet, Dessert Buffet, The Brat Pack and free transportation from Marion. Get your tickets or VIP tickets in advance!  6:00pm site / MAP

Sep 12 Sat...Normal Block Party in Normal, IL! Details soon!  7:00pm site / MAP

Sep 18 Fri...Wizzy's Fest in Farmer City, IL! Splitting the night with The Feudin' Hillbillys! The party last until Midnight! The show is at The Farmer City Fairgrounds, so get your game face on, and get ready to drink!  7:30pm site / MAP

Sep 19 Sat...CarX Crazy K 2015 in Urbana, IL! This could be the coolest show we play all summer! The CarX Crazy K, a concept from local businessman Parham Parastaran, puts a twist on the traditional 5k run, all for the sake of raising more money for charity in a single day than Champaign County has ever seen before. Participants will race over, around, under, and through 5 kilometers of varying obstacles and challenges at the Champaign County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Sep 19th. Drinking is a must! Visit their site for details. 1:00pm site /MAP

Sep 19 Sat...YWCA Quad Cities Benefit in East Moline, IL! This year's fundraiser is being held at the Short Hills Country Club. Event details and ticket info soon. A great benefit for a great cause!  5:30pm site / MAP

Sep 25 Fri ...Private Party in Springfield, IL. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, the earthquake will swallow your entire block. Uhm, that means no Block Party!

Sep 26 Sat ...Private Party in Greenup, IL. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, Godzilla will eat your house, and your pets will stop loving you. You're dumb.




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