Feb 6 Fri ...Private Party in Peoria, IL. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, Joe Bon Joey will put his Satan costume back on.

Feb 7 Sat..The Elks Club in Mt. Vernon, IL. We've been waiting for a place to crash in Mt. Vernon and finally one has opened it's doors to us. The event is open to Elks Members and their guests. That means you need to get on an Elk now and work your magic!! We're bringing our A-Team game!! 9:00 pm site / MAP!

Feb 13 Fri..The Knights of Columbus in Danville, IL. We've teamed up with the Vermilion County Rape Crisis Center for our annual Danville Winter Spectacular. Come out and support a great cause by witnessing the somewhat awkward dancing of Joe Bon Joey and the beautiful and artful craft of dance from Lynn Di. Lauper and song. 8:00 pm site / MAP!

Feb 20 Fri...Genzel's Tap in Loda IL. A relatively new room for The Brat Pack! Joe Bon Joey has been telling us we need to get over here. It's your turn Load, take it off, let's drink and swing from the ceiling. 9:00 pm site / MAP

Feb 21 Sat...Boomerang's Bar & Grill in Urbana, IL! Alex in Chains wants you to know - Tommy Tubular owns the Bar!!! We guarantee, you will be full and drunk, and if you're lucky, maybe you'll get a late night lap dance from Josh of Seagulls. If there was ever a club to party at and spend your hard earned cash, this would be the one! Sexcellent! 9:00pm site/ MAP

Feb 28 Sat ...Private Party in Springfield, IL. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, there will only be sadness and places will like, be out of food, and stuff.

Mar 6 Fri...Wizzy's in Farmer City, IL. A brand new room for The Brat Pack! This small but mighty room packs out early. Let's get this striaght, you're here to DRINK, let's go! 8:30 pm site / MAP

Mar 7 Sat ...RIBCO in Rock Island, IL! The Brat Pack has not forgotten ROCK Island! We're coming through town and couldn't resist a stop at our favorite hang in the area! Brendan Goes To Hollywood has just finished development of his completely hands free Lap Dance Guitar Solo. Lots of alcohol. Let's rock out with our sock out tonight. Even the ladies! Excellent. 9pm site / MAP

Mar 13 Fri..Boondocks in Springfield, IL! Hands down the best live music venue in Springfield, IL. We think we've found a room finally dedicated to live music. Yes it's true, Joe Bon Joey plans on scaling the walls and spitting fire, while Jesse Van Halen will guess your exact weight, and then drink it! Huge Huge room, giant dance floor, can't beat it!!!   8:30pm site / MAP

Mar 14 Sat...T&T Tavern in Rantoul, IL. Jimmy and Carry aren't screwing around. This is your chance to party with The Brat Pack inside, under a real roof, with real heat! New tunes, new hot sexy bodies. . Party like it's TODAY!!! 9:00 pm site / MAP

Mar 21 Sat ..Fat City in Champaign, IL. There is no better live music venue in Chambana than at Fat City. Lady Gaga has been spotted hanging all over the patrons there. Jo Bon Joey's all new sculpted guns will be on display. Bangin' menu and great drink specials. It's gonna be like totally awesome!! 9:30 pm site / MAP!

Mar 28 Sat ..Garfield's in Champaign, IL. Garfield's said 'we want to have a bash, open it up to everyone', and Joe Bon Joey said, 'I just found 13 new items to stuff down my shorts'. Now that's a party! Tickets can be purchased ahead of time at the club or by calling them, 815-457-2419 club! Alex In Chains is calling out her hometown crew! 8:30 pm site / MAP!

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BJ's Pump- 217-824-2448 site / MAP

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Pistol City - 618-758-2443 site /MAP

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Taste of Champaign - (217) 398-2550 site

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