Nov 21 Sat..The Elks Club in Mt. Vernon, IL. We've been waiting for a place to crash in Mt. Vernon and finally one has opened it's doors to us. The event is open to Elks Members and their guests. That means you need to get on an Elk now and work your magic. Get on Facebook and work your magic!! A year ago this placed was wall to wall packed. Thanksgiving is around the corner!!
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Nov 25 Wed..Boondocks in Springfield, IL! Black Wednesday, the Night Before Thanksgiving and the only thing to do TONIGHT.....THE BRAT PACK! We we've found a room finally dedicated to live music in Springfield. Yes it's true, Brendan Goes To Hollywood will swallow a sword on stage, and Lynn Di. Lauper will fly! Let's party before your boring family jams turkey in your face! Huge Huge room, best live music venue in Springfield!  
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Nov 28 Sat ...RIBCO in Rock Island, IL! The Brat Pack has not forgotten ROCK Island! We're coming through town and couldn't resist a stop at our favorite hang in the area! Brendan Goes To Hollywood has just finished development of his completely hands free Lap Dance Guitar Solo. Lots of alcohol. Let's rock out with our cock out tonight. Even the ladies! Excellent.
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Dec 5 Sat...Private Party in Bloomington IL. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, you'll gain weight at an alarming rate, and forget how to drive a car. Sucks.
you can't go....

Dec 12 Sat...Private Party in Davenport, IA. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, expect your lawn mower to malfunction and start a fire. Whoops.
you can't go....

Dec 18 Fri...Private Party in Owensboro,KY. We can't tell you where this is, but we can recommend that you hire the Brat Pack for all of your Private Events. If you don't, your entire management crew will quit, all is lost. Good luck meat head.
you can't go....

Dec 19 Sat..Two Joes in Whittington, IL. Here's the scoop. What used to be the Zone, is now a completely remodeled, totally awesome club, with the best ribs, and full bar, and hot babes and atmosphere and music known to the entire world. So either sit at home like a loser, or join The Brat Pack, overeat, get bombed and score. Be there dammit!
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Dec 26 Sat..Tailgaters in LeRoy, IL. Christmas may be over but The Brat Pack isn't. Joe Bon Jovi, aka Santa, plans a special partially declothed performance whilst drinking 6 full bottles of Jack. This can only be seen and recorded on your cell phone this one time, this evening. Please bring your cell phone charges and wallet full of cash. Be there.
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Dec 31 Thr ....NYE @Turtle Run Bar & Banquet Center in Danville, IL. Ring in the new year in Dowtown Danville at Turtle Run! Great Music, drinks, games, 80's costume contest with prizes and more! Running 7:00pm until 1:00am, Tickets are $20/person or VIP tables are availabe for $100/each (private Table of 6). Special Guest Logan Kirby kicks it off at 7:30pm, The Brat Pack hits the stage at 10:00pm!
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